California Title 24 Services

Need help complying with California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards?

Benningfield Group provides expert Title 24 services for most residential and commercial buildings. Our staff has decades of experience performing energy calculations, creating Title 24 reports, completing plan checks, and providing consultation services to the energy community.

Qualifications and Experience

Benningfield Group has been working with building departments, engineers, and architects since the energy code was created in 1978.

We helped write code change proposals and made them more workable. We helped develop tools to improve understanding and implementation of the code. Benningfield Group also developed a certification program for energy analysts, sponsored by California utilities and recognized by the California Energy Commission.


  • Title 24 energy reports

Let our expertise give you confidence your design meets or even exceeds the energy code. We can help you qualify for the best available incentive for your design.

  • Energy plan review services

We can help ensure code compliance by providing review and comment for submitted projects. Our working knowledge of the code augments your staff’s knowledge base – especially with the 2020 changes. You can offload some or all of this work to us and trust we’ll do it right.

Current And Past Clients

SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District), DLR Group, BayRen, Rainforth Grau Architects, Coact Design Works, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, and Two Rivers Architects, Inc.

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