Multifamily and Residential Title 24 Guides

May 2, 2016

Having an easy-to-follow compliance manual is key to helping contractors achieve compliance with California’s energy codes. However, many have found California’s Title 24, Part 6 building energy efficiency code and compliance manuals to be restrictively complex. To improve compliance, the Statewide Codes & Standards Team enlisted the help of a team of industry experts to create a more user-friendly set of guides.

Benningfield Group worked as a subcontractor to Noresco, alongside the Energy Code Ace team, California Lighting Technology Center and CEC Standards Implementation Office to create two of eight Compliance Guides that help design professionals better understand the 2016 Standards. The Multifamily and Residential Title 24 Guides outline the benefits of code compliance, the compliance process, recent code updates, compliance requirements, compliant products and systems, and strategies and scenarios to put those concepts into practice.

At Benningfield Group, we created and reviewed technical content for the residential mechanical and water heating guide, as well as the multifamily guide. We also created case study projects that highlighted key features and construction techniques relevant to high-rise and low-rise multifamily design. These studies were included in the Application Guides to illustrate the appropriate application of code to specific building types.