Energy Code Compliance Improvement Advisory Group (CIAG)

February 3, 2016

Members of the Statewide IOUs’ Codes and Standards Team (C&S Team) proposed starting an Energy Code Compliance Improvement Advisory Group (CIAG) to create a forum to cooperatively explore potential solutions to today’s significant compliance issues, including what training is needed, how to best meet those training needs, and recognizing when training is not the best or sole solution. We administered and facilitated the CIAG, a working group of building designers, energy analysts, and enforcement and policy professionals with the mission to identify and define pathways for compliance improvement. The CIAG supplied a “boots on the ground” perspective of current compliance issues and potential solutions. This was accomplished by identifying issues, exploring potential solutions and documenting them in the form of white papers. These white papers were used by the Investor-Owned Utility Code and Standards Team in their efforts to improve energy savings delivered from the standards.