Lynn Benningfield
Lynn Benningfield

As CEO of Benningfield Group, Lynn’s direction and support play a critical role in assisting our staff as it leverages specialized knowledge to help clients. A logical thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit, Lynn relishes in the challenges and adventure that arise on the job every day as they afford her the opportunity to solve problems and drive growth.

Lynn brings to Benningfield Group a wealth of experience including growing and selling another firm, working with policy makers to assist in designing energy efficient buildings and in researching, developing, advocating and applying energy codes to all types of buildings. As her husband Bruce was building a software consultancy company of his own, Lynn saw an opportunity to put their two specialties together, collaborating to form Benningfield Group. Lynn works closely with the energy industry to create software products and tools that help make acquiring and displaying data simple and clear.

Lynn’s passion for helping small things flourish extends outside of her professional life as well — Lynn also loves trying to grow succulents. Her other passions include bicycle riding, travel and keeping up with her wonderful grandchildren.

Lynn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from San Diego State University.