Kim Hogan
Senior Technical Manager


As a Senior Technical Manager at the Benningfield Group, Kim Hogan plays an integral role in helping us certify energy professionals. A Certified Energy Auditor and energy consulting veteran herself, Kim is intimately familiar with California’s Energy Codes and Standards, making her the perfect candidate to develop tests that measure the skills and knowledge of professionals seeking recognition.

Kim’s tireless effort ensures design and construction professionals are educated at the high standard required for consistent building energy compliance. While precise in her understanding of the Energy Standards, Kim is also committed to helping clients achieve their goals outside of compliance. Her careful listening and analytical research skills help her excel in this area as well.

Kim is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, where she is focusing on developing skills in¬†Building Information Modeling. Outside of her professional endeavors, Kim volunteers in a¬†public Bible literacy and teaching program. She also enjoys spending quiet moments gardening, sewing and reading.