Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan
Sr. Technical Manager

A true industry expert, Dave is a licensed architect in the State of California with over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial design, assisting designers and contractors to evaluate energy efficient design alternatives, preparing over 3,000 energy simulation models and project management for public sector construction projects. Dave has also provided preliminary design, feasibility analysis, construction documents and construction administration for projects ranging from single family residential buildings to $50 million convention centers and major historic rehabilitation efforts, proving he can adapt to the challenges of projects at any scale.

He also has experience performing practical field inspection, testing and documentation for commercial and residential HERS measures, as well as field inspection for compliance with CalGreen and Build-It-Green requirements.

During his two years on contract with the Benningfield Group, Dave has reviewed construction documents, field documentation and energy simulation models for compliance with utility programs, developed training material for compliance with the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and provided training to building departments and HERS Raters.

Working with us at Benningfield Group, Dave is able to pursue his passion for sustainable architectural design, seeing projects through all the way from the preliminary design and approach stages to their eventual construction and operation. Dave also follows this passion outside of the office, developing training programs for home builders and practicing computer programming for architecture in his free time.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from CalPoly San Luis Obispo.