Dania Smith
Dania Smith

Having worked in the energy consulting industry for over a decade, Dania has a wealth of experience that allows her to provide specialized support to technical managers and team members on efficiency-related projects, as well as work with clients to assure accurate and timely completion of project deliverables. Specifically, the clients for whom Dania has provided support and analysis include SMUD, SCE and PG&E, as well as a number of architectural and engineering firms.

Dania came to Benningfield Group in February 2006 excited to work alongside some of the industry's brightest minds in a company that promotes an atmosphere of learning. Before joining our team, Dania modeled energy performance in buildings using both the prescriptive and performance methods at Valley Energy Consultants. There, she also worked closely with project design teams to help them understand the impacts of various design decisions and identify optimal solutions.

Dania holds an associate's degree in ethnic studies from Sacramento City College, as well as humanities and general education coursework at UC Davis.

Outside of work, you can find Dania conquering a local hiking trail, burying her nose in a good book or tackling a new knitting project.