Cindy Hamilton
Project Manager

One of Benningfield Group’s Project Managers, Cindy puts her experience with energy efficiency training programs to work on projects that involve training or certification components. For example, she currently manages the Certified Energy Analyst project, which includes supporting the development and deployment of a comprehensive residential and nonresidential certification exam based on industry standards.

Before coming on board at Benningfield Group, Cindy worked as the Training Coordinator and Director of Training for CalCERTS, a state-certified HERS Provider. During her time there, Cindy developed her expertise while managing the development and delivery of a quality training and certification program for HERS Raters, as well as implemented mechanisms for industry outreach and support. Looking to expand her knowledge into broader areas of the Energy Efficiency industry, Cindy found a match with us!

In addition to her work, Cindy is passionate for the outdoors, spending her time kayaking, camping and gardening. She is also lucky to share these interests as troop leader of a wonderful group of Girl Scouts.