Ben Botto
Software Architect

As a software engineer and team lead, Ben uses his strength in multi-tier architecture to come up with creative, scalable and reusable solutions to a variety of challenges. He especially enjoys working as a member of a team, helping other developers design, create, test, and deliver solid software in his technical support role. Not one to shy away from complicated problems, Ben also works on developing large data-driven applications, intelligent systems and complex graphical software.

Ben joined our team here at Benningfield Group in 2007, where he immediately felt at home as a part of a team that not only works with enthusiasm (and a lot of smiles!), but shares Ben’s passion about the environmental impacts of energy consumption.

Ben writes a good deal of software outside of work as well, mostly turning his creative energy toward reverse engineering video games. After closing his laptop, Ben likes to stay as active as possible with his wife and two kids, engaging in everything from mountain biking and free diving to playing disc golf and photographing reptiles. If it takes place outdoors and involves meeting new people, chances are Ben is willing to give it a shot!