Addison Day
Addison Day
Software Intern

Addison is responsible for testing our software projects to ensure they meet our high standards for quality. A thoughtful worker who is quick to offer a helping hand whenever he can, Addison's enthusiasm makes him a great addition to our software team. 

Currently studying general education at American River College, Addison's internship has given him a chance to pursue his interest in software development since he came on board in February 2016. 

An eager contributor to any project he can assist on while at the Benningfield Group, it should come as no surprise that Addison can also be found tutoring other students on campus or volunteering at a local community service event – he is truly committed to helping those around him! 

Despite his busy schedule, Addison makes sure to find time to relax, getting lost in a book or spending time with his friends and nephews whenever he has down time.