Staff Spotlight | Lynn Benningfield

May 6, 2016

Almost as soon as you get to know Lynn Benningfield, it's clear why she eventually became the co-founder of her own company. Her analytical eye and organizational mind complement a voracious appetite for growth that has fueled her career since its early days.

Even as a college student with a keen interest in consumerism, Lynn hoped to begin her career in an industry that was, as she describes it, "in its infancy." As an intern at the Sierra Club, she witnessed firsthand the inception and emergence of several such sectors, before one day coming across a job posting for an "energy conservation specialist." She had found what she was looking for.

Since then, Lynn has continued to follow her passion for growth and learning to various corners of the energy efficiency community, from working with policy makers to researching, developing, advocating and applying energy codes to all types of buildings. It was this same passion for "starting things" that raised its voice inside her head just as her husband Bruce was building a software company of his own, leading her to wonder what could happen if they put their two areas of expertise together.

Less entrepreneurial people may have imagined a more conservative answer to this query, but that wasn't like Lynn. While the newly-founded Benningfield Group started out "doing what we were good at," the team quickly began absorbing information at every possible juncture, expanding their knowledge base and service offerings to better serve their growing list of clients.

"A skilled leader and manager, Lynn relishes in discovering and solving unique challenges."

"We grow by touching other areas that are connected to what we do," Lynn explains, "like a puzzle."

While you might start assembling a puzzle in a section where the image is familiar, you will soon run into an area that's unknown. It's at that border, between known and unknown, where you have the best chance of filling in the rest of the picture.

In the 10 years since establishing Benningfield Group, what Lynn has enjoyed most is the flexibility and diversity, which have her facing different problems every day. A skilled leader and manager, Lynn not only relishes in discovering and solving these challenges herself, but takes pleasure in the opportunity to assemble a team of skilled technicians and subject matter experts to design and build the perfect solutions for the company's clients.

Lynn's passion for fostering growth and building productive teams does not stop when she leaves the office. At home, Lynn is dedicated to gardening succulents, growing, cutting and potting her own unique arrangements. Although she claims not to be an especially skilled horticulturalist, Lynn savors the satisfaction of giving these hearty plants a place to flourish.

"I think I'm attracted to it because it's an easy way to enjoy some sort of growth – even if you don't have a green thumb," she concluded.