Staff Spotlight | Ben Rupert

March 24, 2016

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of Benningfield Group, our Vice President of Operations, Ben Rupert! When we first met Ben, the passion and energy that have defined his career became obvious in just moments. Even with your eyes closed, you'd be able to hear the smile in Ben's voice as he rolls up his sleeves and puts his trademark enthusiasm to work on every project.

Even from a young age, Ben was eager to get involved in the world of energy efficiency. Helping his father at work as an electrical contractor in high school, Ben wasted no time getting familiar with both residential and commercial energy systems. Despite thinking to himself, "I'm never going to use this," (as high schoolers tend to do) the end of college saw Ben combining his study of environmental policy with his experience in the energy sector when he took a job as a program manager for residential energy efficiency in the Great Lakes region.

"Ben's favorite projects are those that blend social responsibility with environmental policy."

Since then, Ben has sharpened his passion for environmental policy and his expertise in energy efficiency programs, working both in local government and on large projects in the public and private sectors. Currently, he also serves as the Energy Manager for King County, Washington. Of the dozens of projects he has worked on throughout his career, Ben says the most satisfying and successful have been those in which there is equal emphasis placed on each leg of the "triple bottom line" stool: social, environmental, and financial.

"It has been really rewarding to help identify the best ways to make systematic improvements in commercial construction, operation and resource management," he explains. "This goes beyond just looking at energy, but means looking at what areas have the most distinct need that can't be met elsewhere. Working in the public sector as the energy manager for King County has given me the opportunity to integrate equity and social justice with energy and environmental policy."

What especially appeals to Ben about his new role with the Benningfield Group is the opportunity to continue to blend his interests in public policy and energy efficiency. He is eager to take on unique projects that will help him continue to learn and grow as he applies knowledge, skills, and abilities to unique and challenging initiatives.

For Ben, much of his passion for energy efficiency comes from his love of the planet. "I love the Bay Area. There's a redwood grove about 10 minutes away from my house that I love to go running in, and one of the things that's really rewarding for me is having magical places like that in my backyard. If I get done with a hectic day and just want to get out and run in the woods, I don't have to go too far."

It also comes as little surprise that Ben is so committed to preserving these spaces considering the fact that he is the proud father of a seven-month-old daughter. While his daughter may be too young to enjoy a run in the redwood grove like her father just yet, Ben makes sure he and his wife have plenty of time to get outside with their little one and enjoy the coast together.