Software Leadership Team

June 2, 2016

For a software application to be truly successful, it must not only perform its intended function deftly and intuitively, but that function must be carefully chosen so it has the greatest possible impact on its user. No matter how efficient or easy to use a piece of software may be, those attributes are wasted on a tool that fails to address an organization's true business need. At Benningfield Group, our Software Leadership Team is committed to crafting solutions with the capacity to truly revolutionize the way you do business. 

This is who we are:

Bruce BenningfieldBruce Benningfield

Our CFO and principal in charge of software and engineering, Bruce Benningfield is an expert at helping enterprises translate roadblocks in their business into digital solutions. With several decades of experience creating integrated data and workflow management systems, Bruce has a deep understanding of the role software must play in a business strategy to have the biggest impact. Even if you may not know what type of tool would best serve your company, Bruce uses his perspective to turn your words into a well-designed application. 

Robin WellsRobin Wells

As our program manager, Robin Wells ensures every Benningfield Group client receives only the highest-quality support and products. From design to integration and support, Robin works alongside each enterprise to understand their unique needs, pairing them with the team best-suited to add value to their  business as effectively as possible. 

Ben BottoBen Botto

As our technical team lead, Ben Botto is responsible for making sure we all remain at the front edge of emerging technology and strategies. Under Ben's leadership, the Benningfield Group team has garnered significant experience in the most successful techniques for modern web-based development. 

Leading a dynamic team
As diverse as their backgrounds may be, Bruce, Robin and Ben refuse to let their perspectives sit untapped in their respective silos. The development team here at Benningfield Group is incredibly collaborative, explains Bruce, leveraging each other's unique skill sets to discover creative solutions to even the most stubborn problems.

"We spend a lot of time talking to one another," Bruce says. "That collaborative side of things is really an advantage – we sit down next to each other, helping one another out and walking through challenges when they come up," an attribute, Bruce says, that makes everyone more effective. 

While every company may dream of having such a dynamic work environment, what makes it a reality at Benningfield Group is everyone's passion for what they do. 

"So many of our team members have such an interest in the technology that they do research and look into new avenues outside of the office," says Robin. "We encourage everyone to share the interesting things they come across, which helps us stay on the cutting edge. It's something our employees have an interest in beyond just making a living, and that's something that truly shows through in the work they produce." 

"We can truly use the tool that fits the job."

All of this constant learning gives the team here at Benningfield Group a truly unique set of skills, a characteristic Ben says translates into better solutions for our clients. 

"We don't get boxed in with technology," Ben explained. "Some teams tend to use certain pieces of software just because they're the next big thing. Because we have such a wide range of skill sets and use a variety of languages, we can truly use the tool that fits the job." 

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