Benningfield Group to attend ACEEE Conference on Energy Efficient Buildings

August 19, 2016

To accomplish lofty goals like achieving zero net energy status and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent, the energy-efficiency community needs to have a coordinated and focused plan. But how can companies stay connected and up-to-date in such a massive and rapidly-changing industry? That's what the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy sets out to do. From analyzing energy policy and educating businesses to holding conferences that bring the entire industry together, ACEEE has made it its mission to foster a more productive and collaborative community that can advance energy efficiency nationwide. 

"The ACEEE conference brings experts from around the country together to tackle a range of topics."

One of the organization's largest events, the Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings brings together experts from around the country to tackle topics ranging from implementing energy-saving technology to analyzing buildings' impact on the climate. For the last decade, Benningfield Group has been lucky enough to not only attend this – and other – ACEEE conferences but also to present workshops on our areas of expertise: important code changes, strategies for making code requirements more digestible and the benefits of working in databases over spreadsheets. 

This year's presentation
This year, Russ King, our Vice President of Energy Efficiency Services, will make his first trip to the conference, facilitating an information session on inspecting for code compliance. With such little time to test against a growing list of codes and standards, inspectors are under more pressure than ever to work quickly. Plus, they're forced to dedicate more time to testing operational safety and effectiveness, sometimes leaving just a few minutes to evaluate energy-saving features. Because it can be practically impossible to cover every necessary piece of code in such a short window, inspectors are now also responsible for working with third-party inspectors who run tests and issue certificates based on a building's performance. This adds an altogether new layer of paperwork and coordination to the inspector's role, one many aren't prepared to deal with. 

Russ will lead a discussion of participants with the clout to influence codes, policies and inspection processes, walking them through best practices for inspectors to prioritize and organize these new workflows. Discussions like these are critical to making sure organizations throughout the country have the tools and understanding they need to help their code inspectors succeed.

Beyond Russ' participation, we look forward to the opportunity to attend several sessions of our own, learning about new developments in codes and standards as well as residential and commercial building technologies that we can take back and use to improve our services. Outside of the formal workshops, we'll have a chance to catch up with familiar faces from throughout the energy-efficiency world, including our peers in several California utility companies and other local energy leaders. All in all, we're excited to add another chapter to our story with this incredible ACEEE conference.