BayREN Codes and Standards Program

The BayREN Codes and Standards program helps Bay Area counties reduce their energy usage through improved building design and construction. The collaborative program supplies local governments with the resources they need to achieve full compliance with and enforce the California Energy Code, including best practice guides, checklists, policy support, targeted training and on-site support. Benningfield Group supports the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and consulting firm Frontier Energy (formerly BKi) as a subcontractor on the project, implementing in-field and technical support.

Currently, we are designing and developing an eTool for the jurisdictions within BayREN that streamlines and clarifies the permitting process and helps educate homeowners and contractors in choosing appropriate retrofits in residential remodel applications according to state and local regulations. Each eTool is designed to be user friendly for enforcement personnel, installers, and the public as well. 

In the past, our work for BayREN has consisted of

  • Assisting jurisdictions ensure compliance
  • Determining (through primary research) both the key challenges to enforcing the energy code training, identifying tools and guides that would benefit each county, and then tracking their effectiveness as they were implemented
  • Developing several training programs (through primary research) that would address gaps in understanding of the energy code and its enforcement

We will continue to bring cutting edge support to the team and BayREN as they continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the communities being served.