Title 24 Services

May 26, 2016

The complexity of California’s Title 24, Part 6 building energy efficiency code can make it incredibly difficult to understand. As builders try to navigate the specific requirements on their own, they often find themselves frustrated, with project delays due to avoidable design, paperwork or permit issues. To mitigate these delays, contractors often hire consultants to help them optimize their work for Title 24 compliance. Not only do these consultants help builders determine which requirements apply to their specific construction scenarios, but they also help create the technical documentation required for construction permits.

At Benningfield Group, our team consists of specialists from all areas of the design, construction and permitting process, allowing us to provide the expertise needed at any stage of a project while understanding how each process has an effect on the others. For example, our analysts create building models and perform analytics on envelope, mechanical, lighting and control systems to help builders achieve compliance in the most cost-effective manner possible, while our mechanical engineers help boost building performance by evaluating proposed building designs.

Our team includes licensed contractors, licensed engineers, HERS Raters, CEAsĀ and BPI accredited personnel. Our unique mix of talent ensures that your projects are built efficiently and accurately using the most cost effective energy saving approaches while ensuring a smooth permitting process. Whether you want to create an energy efficient new building, improve the efficiency of an existing building or verify proper installation, let Benningfield Group be your first choice for energy consulting.