On Demand Efficiency for Campus Housing

April 1, 2016

Throughout California, many students live in dorms that rely on central hot water systems serviced by pumps that run continuously. Adjusting these systems represents a considerable gas saving opportunity in the state. The Southern California Gas Company's On Demand Efficiency for Campus Housing (ODECH) program does just that, adding controls to limit the energy loss of Central Domestic Hot Water (CDHW) systems in higher education campus housing in the SoCalGas® territory.

The controls that BGI's vendor contractors install prevent the pumps from operating unless there is a demand for hot water. As a result, the CDHW systems not only lose less heat during needless recirculation, but also require less natural gas as a result of reduced boiler activity. Despite these changes, building residents are able to readily access hot water.

The ODECH program is an offshoot of SoCalGas'® larger On Demand Efficiency program, which addresses a wider range of multifamily residences, including apartments and condominiums. Benningfield Group has overseen these projects for a number of years, working with manufacturers, distributors and contractors to bring more of these controls to buildings in the SoCalGas® territory by providing rebates and direct installation opportunities to multifamily property owners.

Our custom online tracking database supports the program by allowing us to track status, create reports and store data relating to program sites and gas savings. The program includes quality assurance and inspection components to ensure the ODECH program is conducted effectively at every stage.