Consultancy Services Flier

January 11, 2016

At Benningfield Group, we provide a range of services, from energy consulting to custom software development. Not only do we create programs that save energy in buildings to serve architects, engineers, energy consultants, developers, building managers and building departments, but we also consistently deliver high-quality software consulting solutions to utility program managers, government agencies, design firms, trade associations, wholesalers and retailers.

In addition to holding more than 60 years of combined experience, our principals are supported by a talented staff of program managers, engineers, analysts and programmers. Our team includes licensed contractors, licensed engineers, HERS Raters, CEPEs, CEAs, BPI, and LEED accredited personnel, as well as experienced program and project managers.  Our mechanical engineers skillfully evaluate building designs with an eye for increasing building performance, and our analysts can create building models and perform analytics on envelope, mechanical, lighting and control systems. Our field staff is trained in constructing 'as built models' and evaluating buildings and systems against building codes and benchmarks. Together, they all contribute to our collective expertise in program design and deployment, building modeling and analysis, energy ratings and assessments.

As a full-service energy and software consulting company, we put our knowledge to work helping clients implement lasting solutions to dynamic problems. For more than 16 years, our staff has created integrated data and workflow management systems that support the energy efficiency industry, specializing in developing and supporting web-based data collection, analysis and display software. We have also provided the California Energy Commission and utilities with technical assistance in developing Title 24 and Title 20 energy standards, evaluating compliance options and analyzing efficiency programs for the last 25 years. Our software team tackles projects involving wholesale and retail product markets, including vendor booth registration, product display and ordering. We also build tablet-based solutions for the HVAC and energy efficiency industry. 

Our full range of services includes:

Energy efficiency:

  • Code research, analysis and development
  • Program design and implementation
  • Energy efficiency training
  • Project design, analysis and assistance
  • Energy savings verification

Software solutions:

  • Data tracking tools
  • Web-based software development
  • Software design, development, testing and maintenance
  • Web service APIs. 

Our diverse service offering allows us to find creative ways to help clients save across all aspects of their business. Benningfield Group has helped countless organizations improve efficiency, whether they were looking to ensure their buildings were built and operated using the highest standards for energy efficiency or hoping to take advantage of up-to-date database systems on their websites.

Not only does having such a skilled staff allow us to offer a wide array of solutions, but it means we can do so while maintaining the size and feel of a small company. This enables us to work closer with our clients to better understand and quickly respond to their specific needs. In these relationships, our clients find our experience, dedication and passion come through in our people, our corporate culture and in our work products.