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Custom software development is our tailor-made problem solver built with your insight and business requirements from the onset, enabling it to not only meet your goal, but also the processes and security requirements.  A custom application is more flexible than anything you would find off-the-shelf, and we can easily modify it to make it do what it needs to. If requirements and practices change over time, the software can change as well, since you own it. We love having end-users have a say in the design and development process. The outcome is often easier and more intuitive for those who will use the software every day.

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Why Benningfield Group?

We understand there is no one size fits all fix for software. We take the time to get to know your unique situation.  Not only have we been building, maintaining and enhancing custom software systems for over 13 years, we also create systems that are scalable and easily adjustable to evolve with your project. Our process typically involves first meeting with your team to learn more about your primary need.  We then put together a plan to find the right technologies, software architects, and quality assurance teams to launch your project/program. A custom application is then created to fit your specific needs.

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We have a division of the company strictly devoted to building custom applications for many different kinds of small and mid-size businesses.

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Benningfield Group’s energy efficiency solutions often involve a software piece. These are some of our talents…

Design and Development


Database Design and Implementation

Website Development

Mobile Applications

Software Integration


Scheduled Tasks

Access Control

Data Warehousing and Analysis

The software we author is driven by big data. Our SQL experts make reporting, aggregating, and sharing data via web services easy.