International Market Centers, LLC

AmericasMart, Atlanta AmericasMart Atlanta connects buyers with top furniture, gift and apparel brands from around the world in a dynamic marketplace like no other. Located in downtown Atlanta, AmericasMart spans more than seven million square feet and houses the world’s single, largest collection of wholesale home, gift, area rug and apparel merchandise. There are more than 1,400 permanent showrooms and almost 3,000 temporary exhibiting companies. Benningfield Group maintains and enhances the administrative website for AmericasMart staff that is responsible for managing the market’s dynamic floor plans and exhibitor information, as well as invoicing, payment processing, space assignment and reports needed to create the market planning tools. Benningfield Group also maintains the website for AmericasMart exhibitors where they can update product lines, space requests, services, advertising, photos, events and market specials to share with buyers so they know what they can find during each market.
“The Benningfield Group has been AmericasMart’s software development partner for over a decade. They produce quality mission critical software on time and on budget year after year. We are fortunate to benefit from their expertise.” Kimberly Rometo – Vice President, Digital and Information Systems 

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

Content Management System (CMS) / Public Document Area (PDA) / Project Status Report (PSR) For the Energy Division of the CPUC, Benningfield Group developed and continues to maintain a customized web-based CMS tailored to assist in tracking and managing several dozen contracts and purchase orders used to evaluate the effectiveness of the more than 200 utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs. The system provides a complete invoice repository, accurate tracking of invoice status, and detailed financial reports. Benningfield Group developed and manages the Energy Division’s PDA —a “one-stop shop” for stakeholders to find all the public information related to California’s Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM&V) work. The site’s content contains critical, over-arching information, such as important meeting dates, meeting notes, project status documents, and more. Users of this site can also search for work orders, research plans, and final reports for CPUC projects, as well as proposals of IOU EM&V studies approved by the Energy Division. Benningfield Group also redesigned and currently manages the PSR website, which provides information on project status and budget for EM&V projects. Benningfield Group is currently in the process of redesigning and building a new version of the CMS site with improved security, features, functionality, design, and layout. A single login has been implemented across the CMS, PDA, and PSR sites so that users will only need one login to access any of the three sites. These internet-based systems have different permission levels, based on a user’s role in the project, along with auto notification, tallying, data import and reporting features. To view the public sites please visit here or here.
“The Benningfield Group is a professional database management team committed to excellent service for their users. We are very satisfied with the website maintenance and the contractor’s work and accountability and timely responses to CPUC staff and other external stakeholders.”  Mona Dzvova – Regulatory Analyst

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

Quality Installation Application The ACCA quality assurance accreditation program gives HVAC contractors a way to prove their capability to builders and homeowners. Designed by ACCA with contractor input, the quality assurance program focuses primarily on American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Energy Star, and ACCA standards, accrediting contractors who follow those standards when installing HVAC systems in new and existing residential buildings. Benningfield Group was responsible for developing the website and application (available through the Apple Store and Google Play) that collects and catalogs data from contractors as they move through the qualification process. The login for this application was integrated with ACCA’s content management system, so that only contractors actively in the program can participate. As contractors use the application to complete an installation checklist, the software provides user-friendly guidance and assistance as appropriate.  The application employs several robust internal error-checking methods before uploading the results to a database. As soon as the data is submitted, the information is automatically visible on the administrator side of the application for review. To learn more about the ACCA Qi Mobile App, you can visit the ACCA website here.

LIGHTFAIR International

Software Development LIGHTFAIR International is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference and is sponsored by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The event is produced and managed by AMC, Inc. Benningfield Group maintains and enhances the LIGHTFAIR staff and exhibitor applications for this tradeshow. These applications include an Exhibitor Resource center, which allows users to update their virtual storefront, make online payments, and submit products for the annual LIGHTFAIR Innovation Awards, and request a space at the next year’s show. Their LIGHTFAIR staff application (a non-public website) is used for exhibitor maintenance, vendor space assignment, and billing/invoicing.

Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN)

E-Tool Permitting Process The BayREN Codes and Standards program helps Bay Area counties reduce their energy usage through improved building design and construction. The collaborative program supplies local governments with the resources they need to achieve full compliance with and enforce the California Energy Code, including best practice guides, checklists, policy support, targeted training and on-site support. Benningfield Group supports the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and consulting firm Frontier Energy (formerly BKi) as a subcontractor on the project, implementing in-field and technical support. Currently, we are designing and developing an eTool for the jurisdictions within BayREN that streamlines and clarifies the permitting process and helps educate homeowners and contractors in choosing appropriate retrofits in residential remodel applications according to state and local regulations. Each eTool is designed to be user friendly for enforcement personnel, installers, and the public as well.