Current Technology

Front-End Development

Our front-end team uses modern JavaScript frameworks  and libraries including Angular and React. Coupled with powerful CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, our team creates fast applications that looks great across all devices.


Back-End Development

As back-end developers our team works with a variety of languages, including JavaScript, Python, and even ColdFusion. Our specialty is integrations wherein data need to be shared between multiple disparate systems.



As systems grow, so too does the complexity of development operations, and we can help to ease this complexity. By using Docker containers our applications automatically scale so that your users are ensured speedy responses during peak load times. We’re also experts in automating testing, building, and deploying software using continuous-integration/continuous-delivery (CI/CD) tools.



We use WebGL, canvas, and CSS3 for 2D and 3D animations directly in the browser. And when more performance is needed, our team leverages OpenGL and C++.


Data Warehousing and Analysis

The software we author is driven by big data. Our SQL experts make reporting, aggregating, and sharing data via web services easy.


Machine Learning

From image classification to energy usage predictions, we harness Tensorflow and Keras for complex data analysis and computational statistics. Our software learns from data and “teaches” computers to act intelligently.


Open-Source Software

We rely on and contribute to open-source software, first and foremost because we believe that excellence in technology is achievable only through collaboration. And since open-source software is free, this translates to lower costs for our clients.