Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) quality assurance accreditation program gives HVAC contractors a way to prove their competence to builders and homeowners. Designed by ACCA with contractor input, the quality assurance program accredits contractors who follow certain standards when installing HVAC systems in new and existing residential buildings.

Benningfield Group was responsible for developing a website and application that could collect and catalog data directly from contractors as they moved through the qualification process. To be effective, the system had to be tailored to be both user-friendly and robust. As contractors use the application to complete an installation checklist, the software provides guidance and assistance as appropriate. Once the checklist is complete, the application employs several internal error-checking methods before uploading the results to a database. As soon as the data is uploaded, the information is automatically visible in the administrator side of the application for review.

Working with ACCA, Benningfield Group put its experience in both software development and energy efficiency into creating the infrastructure for this important project. This unique position allowed us not only to leverage the expertise of our talented software team, but also to take advantage of our staff who understand the needs and expectations of the applications regular users.

To learn more about the ACCA Qi Mobile App, you can visit the ACCA website here.