Custom Software Development

Why Custom Software

Custom software is a tailor-made solution built with a client’s insight and business requirements from the onset, enabling it to meet a company’s specific business needs, processes, and security requirements.  A customized application is more flexible than anything you would find off-the-shelf and is easily modified to allow your company to focus on what really matters: running your business. If business requirements and practices change over time the software can change as well, since you own the software.  Because the end-users within your company get to have a say in the design and development process, the outcome is often easier and more intuitive for those who will use the program.

Why Benningfield Group

At Benningfield Group, we understand there is no one size fits all solution for custom software and really take the time to get to know your unique situation.  Not only have we been building, maintaining and enhancing custom software systems for over 13 years, we create systems that are scalable and easily adjustable to match any changes in your business needs. Our process typically involves first meeting with your team to learn more about your needs, product, and industry. We then formulate a plan to select the appropriate technologies, software architects, and quality assurance team to deliver your custom software solution. A custom solution is then created to fit your specific needs.

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