About Us

Benningfield Group, Inc. is a full-service energy and software consulting company. We help our clients develop and implement programs, products and processes that help them be more effective in achieving their goals.

We provide a range of services to the energy efficiency community, including policy development, program design and implementation, training, data collection and analysis and code improvement services. We specialize in identifying problems and creating solutions that improve the energy performance of buildings.

Our software team specializes in providing automation tools for data transfer, processing, retrieval and storage. We create applications that track professional services, retail orders, booth sales, customers, energy savings and more. Our service offerings include custom software design, database design, application development, and testing.

Our firm’s principals have more than 75 years of relevant experience between them and have assembled a staff of program managers, analysts and software developers to meet our clients’ needs. Our experience, dedication, and passion are evident in our people, our corporate culture, and in our work products.

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